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Lara & Spencer

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Hello! We are Lara & Spencer. We named our company REDPEPPERSHOTS after the event in which Spencer FINALLY got Lara's attention! Spencer was eating a red bell pepper like an apple and Lara had never seen anything like it. Attracted to the fact that he was not just eating healthy but doing something unique (to her) AND offered her a piece of the pepper, she couldn't refuse going on a date with him. With photography as a common passion, Red Pepper Shots emerged shortly after. Seven years and counting, the rest of the story continues on!

For those who have noticed, the photos above were all taken in India because we LOVE to travel! And rarely do we get photos together because we are never in front of the lens- always behind!

Who You Are (and we don't literally mean that you have to be an animal)

But we are going to explain who we like to work with! We don't just work and agree to photograph just anyone! We love what we do and want to make sure that we are photographing people who LOVE what we do! So if our portfolio doesn't quite do it for you, it's okay! We totally understand that everyone has different tastes and personalities. But if you love our work, then you can rest assured that you can trust us with your important day.

If you don't know what you are looking for, that's okay too. We prefer to answer questions and help you find the RIGHT photography service. We will never pressure you into just "going with us", we prefer that you choose us because you find that our work and service is invaluable.

One more thing- as long as your main goal for your wedding day or event is to HAVE FUN, we will be a great match! If you've noticed, we love photographing people having a good time and smiling!

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